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Artful. Expressive. Intentional. Innovative.
A few sentiments that encompass an omakase dining experience at Brush Sushi.

We offer 3 unique Omakase options for you to choose from


  • 16-course Omakse for $185 per person

  • 25-course Omakase for $275 per person

  • Chef Jason's VIP Omakase experience for $425 per person (2 person min)

The Brush Omakase is a creative adaptation of the traditional Edomae style, making this a unique dining experience like no other.


Chef Jason has reinvented the traditional, elevated the standard, and added a new perspective to the Atlanta Omakase scene.

  The Brush Omakase experience is filled with delicious bites that showcase the tradition of dining and the art of Japanese cuisine. Additionally, we offer an optional Sommelier curated beverage pairing for an elevated experience.


Thursday - Sunday

6pm  |  8pm

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