Omakase Available Friday, Saturday 7 P.M. at Sushi Bar by Reservation Only.

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Choose Omakase on Friday or Saturday for your reservation.


Selection of Seasonal & Premium cuts of Sushi and Ingredients.

A piece-by-piece nigiri tasting, in true omakase fashion.

( per person )


SUSHI  $150

Otsumami - 3 small bites

15 Pieces Nigiri Sushi:

Seasonal Squid, Premium White Fish, Yellowtail family,

Tasting of Bluefin Tuna,

Silver skin, Shellfish, Uni (sea urchin), Shrimp & egg custard.

Toro Ikura Hand Roll

Fatty tuna, Marinaded salmon roe, Maruyama nori

Chef Crafted Dessert

Beverage Pairing add $50

4 or 5 Drinks depends on daily fish selection